Miraculous Doctor Pi arrested

A celebrity genius famed for performing stupendous mental feats has been arrested on charges of forgery and fraud, after refusing to cooperate with a Lviv court.

Andriy Slyusarchuk, known as Doctor Pi, gained world renown for his seemingly incredible exploits.

Doctor Pi introduced himself variously as a neurosurgeon, a doctor and a professor, and he managed to hobnob with the great and the good.

After claiming to have set a new world record for remembering sequences from the first 30 million places of pi, he was introduced to the then president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

Doctor Pi was also filmed apparently hypnotising students, who then proceeded to eat onions, believing they were apples.

Likewise, he appeared on television in a chess challenge, vanquishing the seemingly unvanquishable adversary of computer programme Rybka 4, the toughest programme on the market.

The New York Times cast doubts on this particular triumph, and in recent months Lviv newspaper Express, has published a series of articles claiming that Dr Pi is a fraud.


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