BBC checks out beer and chocolate in Lviv

With Lviv set to be one of the host cities for Euro 2012, thousands of punters who might never have planned a trip to Ukraine will soon be descending on the country.

Offering travellers a sneak preview of what they might find, the BBC's Fiona Foster went on a quest to uncover the essence of Ukraine's second city.

With a little help from some Ukrainian friends, she uncovered three dimensions of Lviv that look sure to delight guests, namely chocolate, coffee and beer.

What's more, she also revealed that thirsty punters will be able to snap up special beer passports during the soccer showdown. Beer has been brewed in the city for centuries, and ale aficionados will be offered the chance to sample all the most distinguished brews.

To check out what the BBC got up to in Lviv simply click on the link below:

BBC in Lviv


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