Euro 2012 Mascots Revealed

Ukraine and Poland have revealed their mascots for the 2012 European Championships. Slavek and Slavko are the perky pair of chaps who will be entering a television near you soon.

The names of the mascots were chosen by SMS vote, with Slavek and Siemko garnerning 21, 816 fans. They beat off Siemko and Strimko (11,505 votes ) and Klemek and Ladko (5912).

The munchkins resemble twins, yet they can be differentiated by the colour of their punkish hair. Naturally, Slavek has the red and white of Poland, whilst Slavko has the blue and yellow of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, here in Lviv, Oleh Zasadny, who is in charge of the citys handling of Euro 2012, has said that the new football stadium will be ready for action by August 2011.

Lviv is one of four Ukrainian cities set to host matches during the tournament, the others being Kiev, Donetsk and Kharkiv.


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