Topless Sirens Derobe For Democracy

A group of Ukrainian activists is gaining fame both at home and abroad due to a distinct dash of naked ambition.

Femen, which boasts twenty topless activists and 300 fully-attired cohorts, claims to be championing women's rights and battling to uphold democracy. The sirens first sparked attention back in 2008 by leaping into a Kiev fountain clad only in bikinis. The idea was to condemn water shortages in student dorms. However, since then they've shed their clothes and levelled their assets at more profound problems.

"If sexuality is used to sell cars and cookies, why not use it for social and political projects," Anna Hutsul, leader of the group, told the Associated Press. "Sometimes you need to show your breasts for ideological reasons," added the 26-year-old.

Recent manifestations have included a cheeky denouncement of Putin during the Russian PM's visit last month. Likewise, earlier this year, incoming president Viktor Yanukovych got the breast treatment as he attempted to cast his vote. "Stop raping the country!" the girls proclaimed.

Critics have claimed that the girls are more interested in promoting themselves than the issues that they profess to hold dear. However, the naked protest has proved an effective means of action. Police are less likely to clobber damsels dressed only in Ukrainian flower wreaths than they would fully-clothed activists who might have real weapons concealed about their person. The campaign continues.


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