Lviv historian sounds international alarm

Noted Lviv historian Yaroslav Hrytsak. has reached out to colleagues abroad in relation to last week's Security Services scandal.

The furore began after Ruslan Zabily, head of a Lviv museum devoted to Nazi and Soviet crimes, was detained after alighting from a train at Kiev station. The intelligence officers held him for fourteen hours, accusing the academic of intending to release state secrets. His laptop and two discs were confiscated and he was allegedly told to get a job as a schoolteacher.

Several academics and journalists have complained about being troubled by the Security Services over the last eight months.

Dear colleagues,

As you may have heard, several days ago a young Ukrainian historian Ruslan Zabily was harassed by the countrys secret service.

It is yet another indication that the conditions for research and intellectual work in Ukraine are quickly deteriorating.

At stake are academic liberties and political pluralism in Ukraine so avidly espoused by Ruslan Zabily.

We are asking you to support this initiative by signing the letter. We thank you also for disseminating the letter to colleagues for larger support among international scholars and public.


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Mari Knudsen

Yes, we are aware of the security Rather harassment of the "police". Same old techniques and strategies since Shevchenko, Moroz... The world is watching. (Putin)

Reply Feb 13th, 2011