Euro 2012: Speeding up preparations

After harsh criticism by UEFA boss Michel Platini about the slow progress of the final preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship, Ukrainian officials are taking measures to speed up efforts.

The main contracting business, Azovintex, responsible for the construction of the stadium in Lviv is to be discharged, as construction had fallen behind for months.

The financial and industrial group Altcom, which is currently renewing the runway at Donetsk airport, will take the lead instead. Furthermore, a consortium of international companies will join together to get the stadium completed by late 2011.

The construction site at Lviv is the most worrisome for the UEFA and the Ukrainian tournament officials. Lack of accommodation, as well as insufficient infrastructure, such as public transportation are further challenges the city will have to cope with before matches kick off. The European Football Championship will be jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine and is scheduled for June 2012.


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