Highland Havens

If you're in Lviv but don't have time to get out to the Carpathian mountains, why not drop into the National Museum (Svobody Prospect 20) for a glimpse into the colourful world of the Hutsuly. These fabled Highlanders have enchanted artists and writers for centuries, and they've managed to preserve their specific way of life, regardless of the political upheavals that raged around them.

Cyril Horiszny, a Franco-Ukrainian photographer born in Paris, has brought this vibrant show to the National. It's a charming introduction to the Hucul lands and people, offering insights into the lives of these hardy highlanders, from the rituals of their Greek Catholic rite to the musical traditions of hearth and home.

'Hutsuly: People of the Carpathians' runs until 15th August 2007. For a preview click here


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