New Flights Between Lviv and Madrid

Madrilenos have had a stroke a luck this month as Ukraine International Airline has launched a brand new service between Lviv and the Spanish capital.

The flights between the two cities will operate every Monday, and the duration of each journey will be four hours. Spaniards keen to check out the delights of Lviv will be pleased to hear that flights don't take off at the crack of dawn. Departure from Madrid is at 14:50, with arrival in Lviv at 19:20. In other words, you can still slip in your siesta, albeit up in the clouds. Meanwhile, return flights leave Lviv at 10:55, arriving in Madrid at 13:50.

UIA's new service has largely come about due the increasing number of Ukrainians who have found work in Spain. Relatives will now be able to get backwards and forwards much easier. But the flights also offer Spaniards a wonderful opportunity to get to know one of Europe's lesser known treasures.


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