Euro 2012: To Be Or Not To Be?

The hourglass is fast running out. On April 18th, we'll know whether Ukraine and Poland have won their joint bid to host Euro 2012. Ukraine and Poland are down to a short-list of three candidates to host the football cup. If the Ukrainian/Polish bid triumphs, Lviv will be one of a select group of cities to host championship matches.

So what are the odds? Well.... it's not going to be easy! At Lviv Life we're keeping our fingers crossed for a Slavic win, but there are problems. Quite a few in fact. For one, UEFA delegates complained about the state of the road between Gdansk and Lviv, and there are worries that the cities themselves fall short of the mark infrastructure-wise.

That said, rivals Italy and second joint bidders Hungary/Croatia are not without their problems either. Italy suffered embarrassment over recent corruption scandals in their first division, whilst Hungary and Croatia, both veterans of the Eastern Bloc, have similar infrastructure problems to Poland and Ukraine.

Whatever the result, we won't have to wait much longer, as the decision will finally be revealed on Wednesday April 18th, 2007.....


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