Lviv's 750th Birthday!

Celebrations to coincide with the 750th anniversary of Lviv are getting underway, and the events will continue through October.

There had been settlement in the Lviv region since the 5th century, but historical records point towards Ruthenian Prince Danylo as founder of the city in 1256. In tandem with this momentous anniversary, local authorities have been putting together a feast of events.

Things kick off on Saturday September 30th at the Opera House at 3.30pm. A festival of folkcrafts with get underway the same day ay Valova Street.

Following on from the first day of fun, a jazz festival will break out, coupled with the dramatic stalwart of the Lviv cultural calendar, the Golden Lion Theatre Festival(Zoloty Lev).

Numerous other concerts and events are planned (many some what last minute!) so check the link for updates.

Happy Birthday Leopolis!


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