New Airline With Links To Lviv

A new small Polish airline plans to begin flights next month with discount fares to Germany, Denmark and Ukraine, its president said in remarks published Saturday, AP Worldstream reported.

Jan Szczepkowski, who is also co-owner of the Direct Fly private airline, said tickets would e available from Tuesday to buy on the Internet or by telephone flights between Berlin and the central and northern Polish cities of Gdansk, Bydgoszcz and Lodz.

The airline also will fly between Bydgoszcz and Copenhagen, Denmark, and offer routes from Lodz to Kiev and Lviv, in Ukraine, and from the southeastern Polish city Rzeszow to Lviv.

The first flights have been planned for April 11, Szczepkowski said, according to Polish news agency PAP. The airline, which is targeting business travelers, also planned to fly internal routes in Poland. Ticket prices are to range between 119 zlotys (US$38/A32) on domestic flights to 549 zlotys (US$177/A148) on foreign links.


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