Romanian Leader Visits Ukraine

President Traian Basescu said during his visit to Ukraine that Romanians who live in this country should be strong, respected and heard.

"I have a request: You have 24 organizations. Wouldn't you like to become one?" Basescu said, adding that this way it would be easier for the Romanian authorities to help them.

In his speech at the University of Cernauti, the president asked representatives of the Romanian organizations to make a common list with the names of young people who want scholarships to study in Romania.

Basescu said young people in Romania are trained about EU accession. Those who come from Ukraine to study in Romania will have the possibility to learn about EU accession and will be able to help Ukrainians prepare for the EU accession process.

Basescu said Romania does not feel like Europe's poor relative.

"We are not joining to receive, but to give," he said, adding that Romanians will join the EU as a strong nation.

"I told you where we are going and where we will also wait for you," Basescu said.


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