Identity In Flux In Ukraine

Many Ukrainian adults believe their country is yet to fully integrate with the rest of the continent, according to a poll by the Razumkov Center. 60.3 per cent of respondents do not feel they are citizens of Europe.

Viktor Yushchenko won last Decembers presidential election in Ukraine, with 51.99 per cent of the vote in an unprecedented third round against former prime minister Viktor Yanukovych. The head of state vowed to fight corruption and develop a closer relationship with the European Union (EU).

In January, Yushchenko declared, "Our way to the future is the way of a united Europe. We, along with the people of Europe, belong to one civilization. We share similar values."

A partnership and cooperation agreement between the EU and Ukraine came into force in 1998. Ukraine is deemed a "priority partner" country. A joint action plan was endorsed by the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council in February. No timetable has been set for Ukraines eventual accession.

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