American Governor Candidate Found in Ukraine

An American man who once ran for governor of Arizona has been found in Ukraine, after experiencing what appears to be an online dating scam. Cary Dolego sold all of his belongings in Arizona and travelled to Ukraine to meet the woman of his dreams. He had earlier met a woman named Yulia online and after several email exchanged he decided to meet the woman in real life, and had hoped to marry her.

When the date never materialized, Dolego eventually ran out of money and turned to living on the streets of Chernivtsi. He was finally found by social workers, who took him to hospital for treatment of his pneumonia. They described his behaviour as "strange". Dolego will return to the US on a loan from the US Embassy.

He plans to return to Ukraine as soon as possible, and hopefully meet that special someone. As he said to the Guardian, "I need a special lady, a Ukranian lady, so that we can start a life together".


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