Red Bull Cliff Diving Finals in Ukraine

After a final showdown in Boston, USA, a group of daring cliff divers will complete in the Crimean peninsula as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving finals. Led by British champion Gary Hunt, athletes from across the world will fight for the coveted top spots at this exciting event.

The competition will be judged by American four-time Olympic gold medal winner Gred Louganis will join Claudio de Miro, Renato Rosi, Sara Massenz and Ken Grove. The jumps will take place from the Swallow's Nest castle overlooking Ai-Todor cape, diving 40 metres into the Black Sea. At this height, a wrong move could prove fatal for the athletes competing in this aquatic extreme sport.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving Finals will take place in Yalta on 4 September.


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