Ukraine and Russia in Fairytale Character Dispute

Gas prices are not the only thing being disputed between Ukraine and Russia these days. According to the Telegraph, Ukraine and Russia are in the midst of a row over fairytale characters.

Each of the two countries have recently produced "Fairytale Maps" promoting tours in cities - and claiming fairytale characters for their own. Many of these characters are known well amongst countries from the former Soviet Union, such as the golden-egg laying Speckled Hen and the talking cake Kolobok.

There are just two of the characters whose origins are being disputed. The Ukrainian tour agency which published their own version of the map have accused the Russians of "stealing part of Ukraine's heritage". The Russian map's creator called the complaint simply - "stupidity".

Both countries have said they will continue using the likes of the talking cake Kolobok on their maps. Read more at the Telegraph.


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