Zoo blames mystery man for animal deaths

The amount of animal deaths at Kiev zoo has been steadily rising over the past few years, and it has come to a point where animal activists have decided to take a stand.

In 2008, the zoo lost 51 animals, and in the past 6 months has lost another seven animals, most recently, one of the zoos main attractions, Boy, a 39-year-old Indian elephant, and Maya, a white camel. The loss of a 39-year old-elephant may not appear massively significant on first look, as most animals in captivity tend to live for a much shorter period of time than animals in the wild, however elephants have an average life span of approximately 70 years, four years longer than the average life span of a human being. What is even more shocking is that it has recently been announced that Boy died of toxic shock, possibly by poisoning.

Although the zoo has offered a culprit for the recent deaths, a man with dark hair and an earring, the true culprit remains a mystery, and animal activists have started to point the finger of blame towards the zoo, and the general feeling about town is that the zoo is treating its animals negligently; only a few weeks ago a bison died and two yaks fell ill.

Whatever the case, the culprit of such crimes needs to be stopped, if the zoo wants to regain its posture in the eyes of the public.


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