Want To Win $1.000.000? This Is What You Do...

Can you think of a better way of increasing the city's budget than charging people for visiting cementeries? Well, apparently the mayor of Kiev, Leonid Chernovetsky, couldn't. Although it is sure that citizens and tourists will have to pay, the pricelist is yet to be announced. According to Chernovetsky "from cemetery to cemetery the price will vary".

The inventive mayor states that he's acting in the interests of the poor. But is it really what he aims at? Well, let's see: last year, he increased the charges for using Kiev's public transport system by 400 per cent. We don't think the poor appreciated it, actually. What's more, meeting on an audiance with Chernovetsky costs $US 100,000 and an appointment with any of his deputies - around $US 11,000.

But don't worry, mayor Chernovetsky will probably give you all the money you need. Under one condition. As he has recently announced, he is going to pay $US 1 million to anyone who finds a fiance for one of his assistants. We'd start looking now...


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Is this for real?? Wow... this guy is nuts!

Reply Feb 9th, 2009