Goeth Vastgoed

Goeth Vastgoed
Mecklenburgstraat 37

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Editor's review

Goeth Vastgoed Housing Agency is specialized in expat housing in Eindhoven and surroundings. Whatever you are looking for if it's a room, apartment or villa, soft-furnished or fully furnished, short term or long term they can provide it. As mediator between multinational cooperations and real estate owners Goeth Vastgoed strives to find a suitable home for every client.

Besides being a mediator they also provide an extensive range of services;

  • Real estate property management (www.goethbeheer.nl)
  • Airport pick up
  • Cleaning service
  • Laundry service or other services upon request

Are you looking for an expert in expat housing to guide you through the challenging process of finding a suitable home in a new country? Goeth Vastgoed Housing agency is the answer to this.

Editor & Eindhoven Local


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As already posted in several google reviews about how Goeth Vastgoed tries to unfairly swallow all or major portion of tenant's security deposit, I am one another victim of Goeth Vastgoed. I am an expat and completely agree to one of the reviews posted in google reviews about Goeth Vastgoed Eindhoven:

“Foreign tenants are vulnerable in the Netherlands but this agency has a reputation for not returning deposits”.

They deducted 876 euros (cleaning of 8.5 hours for 257 euros and full apartment repaint of 589 euros) from my security deposit of 1278 euros.

I was also never given any time to fix any issues that they found in their inspection. I lived in the apartment for 12 months and I cleaned the apartment myself before moving out (except kitchen chimney cover). I had asked them for their cleaning services before which they had mentioned as hourly service only and never mentioned about anything such as ‘final cleaning for 8.5 hours’. I later cleaned the house myself and informed them on email on the day of leaving itself that even if they would need to do any extra cleaning it won’t be for more than 1 hour of cleaning which was proven by their inspection pictures also but they somehow spent 8 and half hours in cleaning the ‘already cleaned’ apartment and charged me 257 euros for the same. Also, regarding full repaint of whole apartment, the post-inspection pictures shows just three spots on three walls where a repaint was needed but they decided to repaint whole apartment and charged 589 euros on me. This is a scam that this agency plays to snatch the security deposit away from foreign tenants. I repeatedly kept asking them for the reasons behind the need to

1> clean the apartment for 8.5 hours after I already cleaned it, and

2> repaint the ‘whole’ apartment. They sent back pictures that they took during post inspection and “none” of the pictures showed either 1> any need to clean for 8.5 hours(instead of atmost 1 hour), or 2> the need to repaint the whole apartment. They sent me the invoice of whole-apartment repaint but that also does not prove the need to repaint the whole apartment instead of fixing those 3 spots.

Please run away from this agency if you want to save your hard earned money from getting snatched away unfairly.

Reply Aug 20th, 2020

By far the WORST HOUSING EXPERIENCE I ever had in my life !! The house was in really poor conditions and there were mice everywhere in the kitchen, sometimes even coming in my room. As you can see from the attached pictures, it was full of mouse feces nearby the microwave in the kitchen, even after cleaning. Once I collected so many mouse feces in the hall that I could start making statistics on it....Irony apart, no one should live in such a way, especially in the Netherlands.

The room itself was fair, although it was often cold and not well isolated for sound. The agency took advantage of the fact that I couldn't visit the place and posted only photos of the room, not of the disgusting kitchen and bathroom that were coming with.

I kept complaining, but the situation remained basically the same for the whole duration of the 6-months contract that I could not interrupt, even on those poor conditions.

I strongly recommend not to trust this agency, even more if you are an expat since it will be an awful first experience.

Feel free to contact me for any extra details.

Reply Mar 11th, 2018

The staffs look down foreigner.

Reply Jul 21st, 2015
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