Eindhoven wins 'Best city centre of the Netherlands' award

Our city just keeps winning prizes! After 'Smartest community in the world' today Eindhoven was awarded the title 'Best city centre of the Netherlands' for the next two years by the national Dutch retail association. Other nominees in the category 'large cities' were Haarlem and Tilburg. All cities and towns were judged on several criteria such as the amount and variety of shops, accessibility, safety, presence of restaurants, cafes and hotels, and level of cooperation between shopkeepers and city council.

The large amount of recent (re)developments in the Eindhoven city centre hasn't gone unnoticed. The Blob and Admirant Shopping appeared and Piazza Center got a full make-over. These and other successful changes resulted in this award, which was proudly received by one of the Eindhoven aldermen today in entertainmentpark 'Madurodam' in The Hague today. He said: 'The lack of an historical look and feel in our city centre results in us constantly looking into the future. That's our strength, which resulted in our deserved victory today!'

Well done Eindhoven, we're very proud of you!


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