Don't worry, be curry!

If there's one snack worth trying in Berlin, it's got to be the currywurst. This diced sausage dunked in a curry-ketchup sauce is probably the cheapest and most popular street food in Germany. In fact, according to AFP News, Germans devour an impressive 1500 sausages every minute!

In celebration of this mighty meal, a new museum opened in Berlin earlier this month - the Deutsches Currywurst Museum. The exhibition takes an interactive, light-hearted look at Germany's national treasure tracing the history of the sausage snack. There's even a chance to go "behind the scenes" at a sausage grill, and take a peek at the technique of creating the perfect currywurst.

The Currywurst Museum (open 10am-10pm) can be found at Schutzenstrasse 70, just 100m from Checkpoint Charlie. Entrance is 7-11 euro and free for kids under 6. For the most up-to-date info, check out the museum's website here.


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