Knut to stay in Berlin

Celebrity bear Knut will remain in the Berlin Zoo, after a financial dispute with the Neumuenster Zoo was settled earlier this month.

Knut's father was on loan in Berlin from the Neumuenster Zoo when Knut was born, but in 2006 the polar bear cub was rejected by his mother. This led to the Berlin zookeepers' decision to hand rear the bear, who has since become wildly popular with visitors to the Zoo.

Because the Neumuenster Zoo is the legal owner of Knut's father, they considered Knut also their own. However earlier this month a deal was reached where the Neumuenster Zoo received 430 000 euro compensation. In return, cute Knut will remain in his Berlin home.

Visit Knut and friends in the Berlin Zoo at the Zoologischer Garten exit of the Suburban railway or Underground.


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