Berlin Bikes Ahead

Two years ago, the powers that be in Berlin decreed that cyclists should make up 15% of city traffic by 2010 and, in fact, results just in show that the German capital is ahead of target. 400,000 bikers take to the roads every day, more than double than the amount that did so a decade ago, and currently 12% of the city's total traffic.

Berlin certainly boasts better cycling facilities than almost any city you'd care to mention, with 620km of certified bike paths, 80km of bike lanes in the streets, 70km of bus lanes which are also open to bicyclists, 100km of combined pedestrian/bike paths and 50km of marked bike lanes on the sidewalks.

With Planet Earth facing numerous challenges in the 21st Century concerning the environment and issues of sustainability it seems this city with a conscience is setting a good example to the rest of the world yet again!


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