Watch: Berlin Poker Heist

Police continue to search for five suspects in connection with the armed robbery of a high-stakes poker tournament in Berlin. The men were believed to be working with an accomplice inside the tournament, rushing in to grab over 690 000 euro at the exact moment the prize money was being transported at its main safe.

Security managed to recapture some of the money, but all of the members of the group of robbers escaped - with 240 000 euro. Their technique has been called "amateur" by the press and police, but the mere fact that these men seemed to have escaped so easily with so much money has some criticizing the poker tournament's security as perhaps the "amateurs" in the situation.

The robbery took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel where almost 1000 players had gathered for the competition. There were no major injuries, though some were injured through the ensuing panic.

With the popularity of poker continuously on the rise, poker games across the world are at perpetually higher risk of robbery as competitions advertise higher and higher stakes to lure players.


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