Warsaw Nightlife

Stand aside pretenders! Many cities lay claim to the best parties in Poland, but only Warsaw's nightlife credentials bear up to serious examination. Krakow may boast more bars per square metre than anywhere else on the planet (or so Krakovians keep telling us!) and Poznan is often cited as the home of electronic music in Poland - whilst the boom town of Wroclaw isn't shy of a great venue or two either; but if you're looking for all-night parties, beautiful people, international DJs, fantastic venues and generally plenty of drugs, sex and rock'n'roll then there's only one place to start your search. In Poland's vibrant, cosmopolitan and fast-paced capital.

Of course one man's roisterous rave is another man's dud disco, so it's worth doing your research before you pack your red paint and jump aboard the next easyJet flight. However since Warsaw boasts every type of entertainment from boho bars and louche lounges to meatmarket clubs and hands-in-the-air techno joints, a little knowledge is often the only key needed to unlock her best treasures (…notwithstanding a decent dress sense to make it past the decidedly picky bouncers!). We'll give you some ideas in each nightlife category below, although for a full run-down check out our bars and clubs directory where you'll find blow-by-blow accounts of what Warsaw has to offer - including reviews from that all important critic, Joe Public.

Most sensible people would agree that the prelude to any good night clubbing out starts at a bar. The chance to listen to ear-splitting hardcore trance whilst being jostled by bare-chested meatheads and spaced-out supermodels is never so appealing when sober. There are of course many who would say that it's not that appealing when drunk, in which case the bar takes on an added import as the sole focus of your night. But whether you're dropping by simply for the sake of oiling up, or because you intend to make yourself part of the furniture, we can strongly recommend you checking out the likes of Mono Bar, Paparazzi, Lemon Cafe and Sheesha when in Warsaw.

Mono Bar is on Mazowiecka along with loads of other bars and clubs, including Rich & Pretty, Zoo, Enclawa and Paparazzi. Mono Bar's core sound is 70's and 80's and they also have jam sessions and concerts. Lemon Cafe meanwhile is a bit more laid-back and can be low-key or loud depending on the crowd, whilst Paparazzi is reliably packed with girls fresh from the casting couch of the latest Bond movie. Finally Sheesha is a great place to explore Warsaw, Arabian-nights-style… Hookahs, bellydancers and more provide for many an Oriental adventure. And of course if all you want from your nightlife is a good old pint of the black stuff, Jimmy Bradley's is a superior venue of its kind.

Bars are all very well and good but when it comes to real nightlife adventure - or should we say misadventure - the clubs are where it's at. Warsaw really comes into it's own when it comes to nightclubs, and the excitement and pace of life in the big city is reflected in its nocturnal underworld. Glamour, glitz and sleaze seem to infiltrate venues in equal measure and whereas prices are considerably higher than in the rest of Poland they are still considerably cheaper than the likes of London and Moscow - and, in our well-travelled opinion, many are just as good.

The big names on the scene (for those who prefer the integrity of good dance music to the common denominator of mainstream chart rubbish) are Piekarnia, Opera, Platinium, Balsam, Klubo Kawiarnia, Enclawa, Rich & Pretty and The Eve. Piekarnia has been a staple fave of the scene for several years now, and although there's no cool status awards for having been there these days, it's still a reliable performer. Opera is a great club that is in the cellars of the National Opera of The Grand Theatre. Enjoy its oriental style and long red brick corridors and hidden rooms. Klub Balsam is cult favourite of note - sleepy caf by day, and arty party place by night, it's locale in the Mokatow fort lends it an extra cool factor. Klubo Kawiarnia must be one of the best nights in town. You're more likely to get in by knowing the barstaff than wearing your best Armani shirt - which is surely a good thing - and the funky music and atmosphere is hard to beat. Finally no Warsaw night out is complete without calling in on The Eve on the way home. The city's official afterparty many a legendary tale surrounds this den of hedonism… If you're into munching disco biscuits 'til dawn (and beyond) head on down.

If however mixing with a chic crowd is more important to you than getting sweaty on the dance floor, you should definitely call on Sketch, found at Foksal 19. A fantastic looking place full of fantastic looking faces, it has successfully emulated the formula of London's most elitist bars. And if you can't get in there then Szlafrok is another quality venue along the same lines.

Meanwhile those looking for a plain old piss up with a friendly crowd have plenty of options too. Chlodna 25 and Resort (Bielanska) are laid back bars that are great places for drinking, whilst Club 70 (ul. Walicow 9) have added a retro twist to proceedings if you fancy a bit of Bee Gees with your G & Ts, and the aptly named Zoo provides the same kind of mayhem but with some plush dcor and the odd serious track at the weekends.

Read all that and still feeling left out? Fear not, there is a little something for the rock, indie and other alternative kids in Warsaw. Klub Stodola (ul. Batorego 10), Klub Palladium (ul. Zlota 7/9), Chwila Da Klub (ul. Ogrodowa) all showcase regular live events and we list many of the goings-ons in our events calendar... So stay tuned if you want the latest news on ragga, heavy metal and electro-synth concerts.

Tygmont is another great place for a great night out while Mandala provides the reggae sounds.

Oh, and if you're wondering how we could possibly write a guide to Warsaw's nightlife without mentioning Le_Madame - it's because the legendary venue is now closed. Boo-hoo! Still, there's some street cred. points for name-dropping it on any night out and pretending that you were a regular…


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Guest Reply Jul 27th, 2017

If you are looking for a place to have a great men's night out the New Orleans Club is a must! It is amazing, from its exclusive atmosphere to sexy and very talented dancers. heaven for every gentlemen :)

Jonny from Sweden Reply Jul 19th, 2017

Hello, I will be in Warszawa in the 1st week of August 2017. A male at 40s. Any body want to tell me where to go to for a real party? I have not been in Warszawa either.

David from Belgium Reply Jul 6th, 2017

I was amazed how many great clubs there are in Warsaw! The one that I remember the best is definitely the New Orleans, where we went for my friend's birthday. Elegant, exclusive and classy, exactly how I like. Dancers there are gorgeous and talented, and what is also important in this kind of places - it is safe. You can have a great night without worrying about being ripped off. I would recommend it for every man!

Candice from Germany Reply Jun 16th, 2017

Yeah, Warsaw does have some great clubs! Recently I also found a nice place to chill before heading to a club. I recommend you visit multitap Drugie Dno. They have great atmosphere and great beer there. It can get pretty crowded on weekends

Baig from United Kingdom Reply Mar 29th, 2017

I was in Warsaw couple off time it was good but now it's really bad experience for me mostly culbbs they don't allow Asians I'm pakistani race when I want to enter in club or bar they but stop me without reason i think they're to much racist now it's such a waste off time to find any club who allows:(

Peter from United Kingdom Reply Mar 22nd, 2017

I really enjoy visiting Warsaw because i think that it is really a great city. As it comes to night clubs, New Orleans is definitely the best one out there. They have huge choice of different alcohols but most importantly their dancers are incredible. They are gorgeous, sexy and very talented. It definitely place worth visiting for a great party!

Leon from France Reply Mar 15th, 2017

My friends and I are visiting Warsaw in march (24-27) and would like to know if there are any R&B or Hip Hop (Black music I think in Europe) clubs that we may be able to attend. We really just want to have a good time, maybe meet some beautiful women and see what the city has to offer! Also, would it be worth the trip to train from Warsak to Krakow for a day to party as well. Any informtaion you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Carl from Netherlands Reply Feb 17th, 2017

I think that Warsaw has many great places to party and spend time. I'm not a big fan of crowded places and loud parties, so I usually choose more intimate places. One of my favourites is New Orleans. It is a great and elegant Club for men, with delicipus food and drinks and beautiful girls.

Sophia from Germany Reply Feb 2nd, 2017

Any interesting places to spend a night in Warsaw?

Rehan aqib from India Mar 25th, 2017

I must say. ..this I really want to visit here I love to stay there for fun and night life.

Hussain Bhalli from Italy May 11th, 2017

I want to spend a night. I will came warsawa 18 to 21 may.00393511472874

jonny from Sweden Jul 19th, 2017

When are you going to Warszawa?

Molly from United Kingdom Reply Jan 12th, 2017

I'm in Warsaw from the 27th to the 31st of January with my brother and we're wondering where the best place is for house music on a Saturday night?

Alex from Sweden Feb 2nd, 2017

Still in Warsaw?

Lee from United Kingdom Reply Dec 27th, 2016

In warsaw 26th December till New Year. What are the best places for having a nice great time .. amstdam party style

Erik from Norway Reply Dec 9th, 2016

Jeg anbefaler også New Orleans. Jeg brukte min bursdag. Det var utmerket

language exchange meetings from Italy Reply Nov 28th, 2016

Language exchange meetings organized by Tandem Warsaw International Community are the cheapest and best way to meet friends in Warsaw and to have fun. They have a page on Facebook and host a meeting for all European languages

Paul from Canada Reply Jun 26th, 2016

Hello everyone, going to Warsaw end of August with friends. We want to go clubs that plays Top 40, Hip-hop and R&B music. Any tips where to go?

Kamillo from Poland Aug 26th, 2016

Yeah Paul! Just join the party group at 8:30 PM by the Palm Tree (Charles de Gaulle roundabout) ;)

Åke from Norway Reply Jun 22nd, 2016

25. I løpet av mitt besøk i Warszawa, kom jeg til New Orleans Gentlemen's Club & Restaurant med vennene mine. Et paradis på jord. Flotte alkoholer, smakelige måltider, og vakre kvinner på dessert.

Lars from Norway Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Jeg er enig, Den beste klubben jeg var i i Polen i Warszawa! Det er New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. Jeg minnes danserne, danseshowet og hele kvelden tilbrakt der veldig godt.

Collin from Norway Reply Jan 7th, 2016

Hvis man har utdrikningslag så skal man gjøre det bare i Polen. Fantastisk fest, vakre danserinner. Vi hadde det moro til morgen i New Orleans Gentlemen's Club&Restaurant. Stedet gjorde et stort inntrykk på meg.

Shahrian from Northern Mariana Islands Reply Dec 29th, 2015

Hi guys I'm 35I would like to come visit warsawa but I dont know any thing about it I'm single and im looking for girl or group of friends to joint and go there as soon as possible I like traveling and enjoys Kind regards

Creepy from Norway Reply Dec 18th, 2015

De jeg var i Polen med guttene ville vi ha det moro. Mens vi gikk fra klubben til klubben kom vi til New Orleans Gentlemen's Club&Restaurant. Den beste klubben jeg har vært i. Fantastiske forestillinger av vakre kvinner.

Petter from Norway Reply Dec 17th, 2015

De beste festene er i Polen. I Warszawas klubb New Orleans Gentlemen's Club&Restaurant kan det oppleves fantastiske momenter. Veldig vakre danserinner!

Mark from Norway Reply Dec 16th, 2015

Da jeg var i Warszawa fikk jeg en veldig smakelig mat i restaurant New Orleans. Maten var vakkert servert på tallerken og smakte veldig godt.

Calle from Norway Reply Dec 15th, 2015

Nylig hadde jeg en ferie og besøkte noen venner i Polen. Vi hadde ingenting å gjøre så vi kom til klubben. Vi valgte New Orleans Gentlemen's Club&Restaurant. Kvelden gikk veldig bra. Vakre kvinner og spennende forestillinger.

Nikolaus50 from Norway Reply Dec 14th, 2015

Den beste klubben jeg var i i Polen i Warszawa! Det er New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. Jeg minnes danserne, danseshowet og hele kvelden tilbrakt der veldig godt.

Leo from Sweden Reply Nov 29th, 2015

Any suggestions of open bars on the 24th and 25th of december?

Kamil from Poland Dec 8th, 2015

Just come to the pub crawl bro! :) On 26th though

Valdemar from Norway Reply Nov 20th, 2015

Jeg er imponert over mitt besøk i Polen. Jeg har vært i Warszawa for første gang og den er en veldig pen by. Det er noe å se på. Og når det gjelder nattlivet er det også på et høyt nivå. Jeg besøkte New Orleans Gentlemen's Club og alt det beste!

Lars from Norway Reply Nov 19th, 2015

Den beste klubben jeg var i i Polen i Warszawa! Det er New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. Jeg minnes danserne, danseshowet og hele kvelden tilbrakt der veldig godt.

czach45 from Norway Nov 19th, 2015

Du har rett, jeg var der i forrige måned. New Orleans enchanted sted fullt av vakre kvinner. Jeg ville dra dit igjen.

Manfred from Norway Reply Nov 18th, 2015

For utdrikningslag kan jeg anbefale et veldig kult sted i Warszawa i Polen - New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. En hyggelig atmosfære, veldig pene jenter!

Arne from Norway Reply Nov 17th, 2015

I løpet av oppholdet i Polen besøkte vi tilfeldigvis New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. Jeg skriver om dette her, fordi jest er imponert over klubben, men også jenter som jobber der! Virkelig underholdning for ekte herrer.

Niklas from Norway Nov 17th, 2015

Da jeg var for en måned siden i Warszawa, Polen gutta bare tok meg til denne klubben. New Orleans. Først hadde vi en deilig middag og deretter begynte å vise. Likevel så mange vakre kvinner på ett sted ikke er sett.

Jarl8 from Sweden Reply Nov 12th, 2015

Bästa dansshows arrangeras på New Orleans Gentlemen's Club & Night Restaurant. De har verkligen sköna dansare.

Bjorn from Norway Reply Nov 1st, 2015

Just a question - Where is best to stay for the party life-, near old city? 13-16 nov ;) thanks for anny tips ;) also bars - Nice place for good party ;) we Are 2 guys in end of 30s

Rocky from Germany Reply Oct 26th, 2015

Hii i am rocky visiting warsaw with friends between 13-15 November i am so exiting to meet up some locals their to have good time.. let me know..

Sonny from Sweden Reply Oct 13th, 2015

Hi Everyone Out There! Three of my friends and me are visiting Warszaw between the 12th and 15th of November (-15) and we are hoping to have a great time there and would love to meet up with nice and interesting people. I´m a street magician/ musician, and most of my friends are musicians who love culture of all kinds as well. So if you by any chance happen to be around, and looking for a great time, great new friends, please send me an e-mail, and we´ll be in touch! Sha-zaam! :) Sonnysteeler@gmail.com

Palm from Norway Reply Oct 13th, 2015

Hvis du letter etter et sted i Warszawa hvor du kan gå for en drink, anbefaler jeg New Orleans Gentlemen's Club & Night Restaurant. Stedet er veldig elegant, ei fin innredning.

hamz from France Reply Oct 12th, 2015

Going to the Polish capital on 21st of October for around a week ! If any ladies wanna have some fun and good times with a cool and interesting fella (I'm athletic, tall and have dark skin (Egyptian origin), Green eyes) If it went nicely maybe I would return the adventure back to you and invite you over to Paris. :) Alright, much love! cheers.My email is scooby141516@gmail.com

Sonny from Sweden Reply Oct 12th, 2015

Hi Everyone Out There! Three of my friends and me are visiting Warszaw between the 12th and 15th of November (-15) and we are hoping to have a great time there and would love to meet up with nice and interesting people. I´m a street magician/ musician, and most of my friends are musicians who love culture of all kinds as well. So if you by any chance happen to be around, and looking for a great time, great new friends, please send me an e-mail, and we´ll be in touch! Sha-zaam! :)

Alam from Norway Reply Oct 8th, 2015

Den beste klubben og restauranten i Warszawa er New Orleans Gentlemen's Club & Night Restaurant. Det er verdt å besøke i det minste på grunn av de fantastiske jentene.

JoeyCA415 from United States Reply Sep 14th, 2015

Hey everyone, I'm a 30 something Asian American from California going to Warsaw mid October 2015, would like to hang out with cool peeps, check out some local dance clubs. I'll be staying in the Centrum area.... email me: mrte27@gmail.com

4 Multi-Cultural Lads from United Kingdom Reply Sep 12th, 2015

We are four strapping 25 year olds from the UK visiting Warsaw in the last week of October 2015. Looking for a good time, drinks and most importantly to make friends. We are of varying origins, including white, indian and Pakistani. Want to meet?

Chuchu from the Netherlands from Netherlands Reply Sep 12th, 2015

Two mature single ladies, aged 29 and early 30s (visiting warsaw from the netherlands and UK), last weekend in October 2015. Anyone want to meet up? Guys, ladies? For some sightseeing, outing, drinks, clubbing. Seeking to make friends most importantly. We are both of African origin. Want to meet?

4 Multi-Cultural Lads from United Kingdom Sep 12th, 2015

What dates are you lovely ladies going?

frank from Germany Oct 5th, 2015

Hey girls i will like to meet you ladies. I am 36

steve from Ireland Reply Aug 26th, 2015

hey 6 guys Going to Warsaw the 10th of September to the 13th looking for recommendations for places to stay and the best places to party! Thanks

Ryan from United Kingdom Reply Aug 6th, 2015

Going to warsaw sept 5 to 8th going to do bottle service on saturday let me know if anyone wants to join. The newest rooftop venue is called the view. Any girls be around that wknd email me.

Kamil from Poland Aug 24th, 2015

Hey Ryan! Did you think about doing the local pub crawl?

Ann from Netherlands Reply Jul 13th, 2015

from 15-19 june me and two friends are in Warsaw and looking for a nice place to party! Anyone has the golden tip?

Eden10 from Belgium Reply Jun 24th, 2015

Hello, What's up this Saturday in Warsaw ? We are a group of 11 guys and want to party hard on house music? Where can we find some candy 4 the night in Warsaw? Thanks, Eden

David from India Reply Jun 17th, 2015

Hi Am from INDIA, Am Visiting Warsaw on Oct 25th - 26th ..Am single..Can anyone Accompany me And love to Make New friends. Please Email Me

Chris from United States Oct 2nd, 2015

Hey David, not yet 100% sure but will likely be there Oct. 25-26 too...

Bhavin from United Kingdom Reply Jun 14th, 2015

4 guys from UK looking to party in Warsaw 14th June till 17th anyone wanna meet up to party?

Monty from United Kingdom Reply May 27th, 2015

Me and 2 mates late 40s where to go.

David from India Jun 17th, 2015

Hi Monty When you planned to travel there?

Franki from France Reply May 3rd, 2015

Three French guys in Warsaw this sunday (3rd May) until Monday. Where my girls at?!

Mays from United Kingdom Reply Apr 23rd, 2015

Hello everyone. We are two guys from UK 31 and 33 who will be in warsaw the 30 April to 10 of May. If someone wants to meet up or can indicates which nightclubs are the best to have fun.

Joaquim Costa Almeida from Portugal Reply Apr 21st, 2015

Hello! I'll be in Warsaw with 6 more portuguese friends (only males) from 29 April (wednesday) to 3 May (sunday). If any girls want to indicate us the most trendy clubs, bars, restaurants would be great! You are welcome to have a drink with us :) Contact me via email or add me on facebook (im with a green t-shirt)

Peter from United Kingdom Reply Apr 19th, 2015

oops - Any (not and) :)

Peter from United Kingdom Reply Apr 19th, 2015

Young at heart late 30's man suddenly finds himself alone in Warsaw on 25th April. And local lady care to show me the nightlife?

charlène & Patricia from Poland Reply Apr 17th, 2015

Hi, we are Two girls,( 23 & 20) I m French and my friend is german. We would like to go to party in warsaw saturday night. We dont know this city and we want to discover à little bit Who is the night in warsaw. See you !

John from United Kingdom Apr 19th, 2015

Which Saturday?

Florent from Belgium Reply Apr 13th, 2015

Hi Guys, I'll be In Warsaw, from tomorrow (april 14th) till the 19th, if anyone is in for a drink a party or whatever, let me know. We're belgian (20 & 23) looking to have a great time overthere

Alex from United States Reply Mar 27th, 2015

currently in Warsaw for 4 nights. Looking for girls to spend some quality time. With I.e. clubbing, dinning, shopping, sight-seeing,games. Email me if you are available and interested.

Marc from United Kingdom Reply Mar 22nd, 2015

I was in New Orleans Club, I think this is the best club in Warsaw. Amazing girls, nice and tasty restaurant. Big choose of alcohols. Best prices. I like this club and i recomended it for every men.

mia from Sweden Reply Mar 15th, 2015

does any one know a good place for a bachelorette party? is it possible to rent a male stripper?

Alexander from Slovenia Reply Mar 9th, 2015

I am from Slovenia (29) and will be in Warsaw on the 10th and 11th of March 2015. I would like to meet some new people to explore beatuiful city, go around and have fun. Just reply or send me an email

micael from Sweden Reply Mar 8th, 2015

Hello everyone. We are two guys from sweden 31 and 27 who will be in warsaw the 17 to 20 of april. If someone wants to meet up jist send a mail

sam from Tunisia Reply Feb 2nd, 2015

I need to check night life in warsaw from 2nd till 7 february 2015

Kamil The Pub Crawl Warsaw Guide from Poland Feb 22nd, 2015

Hope your had fun in my city!

DJ from United States Reply Jan 20th, 2015

My friends and I are visiting Warsaw in May (13-17) and would like to know if there are any R&B or Hip Hop (Black music I think in Europe) clubs that we may be able to attend. We really just want to have a good time, maybe meet some beautiful women and see what the city has to offer! Also, would it be worth the trip to train from Warsak to Krakow for a day to party as well. Any informtaion you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

kevin from Netherlands Reply Jan 19th, 2015

im going to warsaw 2e feb till 4e feb (monday/tuesday). We would like to go out both night. Is there anything open on these days? If yes wich one?

John from India Reply Jan 16th, 2015

I am in Warsaw for a week. Would like to see more of Warsaw. Can anyone be of help.

jerry from Israel Reply Sep 26th, 2014

Hey me and 3 of my best friends planning to go to Warsaw from 24 Dec to 1 Jan..which means Christmas and The new year and yeah ofcourse my birthday is going to be in Warsaw and im happy for that...We like the nightlife and we are looking ffor some crazy chicks to guide us!!! Anyone is intersted?

david from United Kingdom Reply Sep 8th, 2014

hi in warsaw for three weeks working would like to meet/hook up with girl/girls for drinks fun and who knows..im 48 6ft etc...in tow from 15set

Aviel from Israel Reply Aug 15th, 2014

I am in Warsaw for this night and tomorrow's night... traveling alone. If someone around here want to hang out and explore the city's night life i'll be happy to do so...

San from Germany Dec 24th, 2014

Hey Aviel please let me know what are you doing tonight I m also alone in warsaw this night

San from Germany Dec 24th, 2014

+48 534 533 977 my number :)

Andrea & Mark & Mark from Canada Reply Apr 19th, 2014

We love good music and good conversation. We'll be in Warsaw May 8-11, 2014. Email us. Looking soo forward to exploring Warsaw. With love from Canada.

Tass Jan 7th, 2015

How was Warsaw? When and where is your next destination?

david from United States Reply Apr 17th, 2014

i would like to have a guide for clubs

Pawel Reply Mar 24th, 2014

Im here in warsaw with a buddy until the end of march. We are looking to party and meet a couple of girls to chill. We are in our early 20's. Let us know!

Joe from United Kingdom Reply Mar 10th, 2014

Hi guys me and 5 mates are going warsaw from 14th march 2014 til 16th march, would be good to meet up for a beer with anyone on here. email me at joe_hanley@hotmail.com

Martin from United States Reply Mar 6th, 2014

Hi, I'll be in Warsaw Mar 22-25 anyone way to hang out and find an adventure! I speak Polish and will be visiting my country of birth first time in 28 years. Super stoked! I don't care if you're a dude or girl ..I just need a buddy to explore with after my dad goes to sleep!

Raymond from Switzerland Reply Feb 18th, 2014

hi my name is Raymond, i am travelling Warzaw on a business trip from Switzerland, arriving March 2nd, 2014. Would love to hook up with a nice student type normal girl, no 100% Pro please, somebody who wants to have fun, show me around and of course i know this would not come for free :-). Make a nice Swiss happy for his Warsaw time, contact me at raymond.von.weylle at gmail.com

MrDj from Denmark Reply Feb 5th, 2014

Any girls travelling to warszava from 20-24 februar 2014? 2 guys 32yo & 37yo look for "party" Company :-)

nastya from Ukraine Reply Jan 28th, 2014

hey)))Im from Ukraine and this will be my first travel to Poland)))i dont no there nothing hwo can show me there some nice place for rest

Beha from United Kingdom Jun 15th, 2014

Hello , i am living almost one year, i knew a more less about warsaw, if you want i could be your guide.

Antonio Carvalho Reply Jan 20th, 2014

Hey, we are two portuguese guys from Lisbon who are traveling and looking for nice women who could show us around and enjoy this crazy nightlife with us! We will be in warsaw from 20 of january until the 23. Thank you! email: antonio.crespo.carvalho@gmail.com

maggie from United Kingdom Reply Jan 7th, 2014

I am planning to go there for my birthday on 16th of Feb :) anyone wanna join? let me know meglena96@gmail.com

Arnold from Netherlands Jan 17th, 2014

Hey, hope you doing good! I just might be traveling to Warsaw about that time.

Patrik from Sweden Reply Dec 25th, 2013

Hello! Me and 3 other guys (age 22-23) are going to Warsaw for new year (29dec-03jan) and if anyone want to hook up just send me a email. The more, the merrier :) Could use some advice where to go and so on!

Simorskel from Suriname Reply Dec 23rd, 2013

Hello everyone I'm Jurgen and I would like to welcome all forum members... Hope to have a good time here. Jurgen

Ricardo from Portugal Reply Oct 27th, 2013

Hi, im from portugal i go warsaw in 31of october to 3 of november!! there is a good techno party in this date?? regards, ricardogiesteira@hotmail.com

Hans from Netherlands Reply Oct 25th, 2013

I'm a 33 year old guy from the Netherlands, living/working in Warsaw ('na staly'). Looking for cool people to hang out and go out with. I like all kinds of music, rfom house/minimal/hip-hop to rock and even classical. I speak some Polish also. I'm interested in clubs, pubs, bars, concerts, restaurants, and also a partner for squash/tennis. Write me at tweedropjes@hotmail.com if interested!

Mena from Egypt Reply Sep 24th, 2013

Hello, Im in Warsaw now, need some guidance to show me the city...

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