Opatija Celebrates 170th Anniversary Of Tourism

The northern Adriatic town of – the cradle of European and Croatian tourism and a favourite destination of the aristocracy - this year celebrates its 170th anniversary as a tourist resort. The reputation of a top destination that stretches back seventeen decades is today reflected in the wide range of facilities and services on offer that make Opatija an attractive destination for all seasons.

Opatija owes its unique image to its ideal location in the spot where the wooded slopes of Mount Ucka descend all the way down to the coast, providing shade along the thirteen kilometre long Lungomare seafront promenade.

In 1873 Railways came to Matulji and thus opened the path for the development of tourism in Opatija and Lovran. Namely, Viennese gentlemen went by carriages and later tram from "matujski stacion" all the way to Lovran. Station Opatija-Matulji has another feature that distinguishes it from any other station on Croatian Railways - next to a small beautiful vestibule with the cashier the station has a special royal lounge, which has been used for rest of travellers, members of the royal family and their guests.

Since Opatija entered the European stage in the mid-19th century as a health resort for the European nobility,  health tourism has remained one of the main segments of the town's tourist offer right up to the present day. However, top medical experts and a wide range of spa & wellness services are just one of the reasons for visiting this town located at the top of Kvarner Bay. Also known as "the town of festivals", Opatija boasts a number of events throughout the year.


The theatrical performances and concerts that take place at the magnificent Open Air Theatre are particularly impressive.


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