Riddle of Zagreb Mummy solved?

A seemingly female mummy belonging to Zagreb's Archaeological Museum is in fact the embalmed body of a man who suffered from a rare, cancer-like condition, scientists believe.

Analysts in Zagreb reckon that the man had suffered from Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, which annihilated parts of his skeleton and left lytic lesions throughout his spine and skull.

The rare disease strikes about one in every 560,000 people, and 2900 years ago, when the man died, there was no hope of a cure.

Scientists believe that the Ancient Egyptian victim died in his twenties. He was then mummified according to traditional methods.

His brain was removed possibly through his nose and a resin-like fluid was poured into his head and pelvis. Several of his organs were extracted and four linen parcels were inserted into his body.

The process of mummification was believed to help the dead to rest throughout eternity, and the mummy was typically surrounded with amulets and other auspicious charms.


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