Croatian minister invites royal honeymooners

Croatia's Minister of Tourism has issued an invitation to Britain's soon to be wed prince to come to the island of Rab for his honeymoon.

The move follows an article in Britain's Daily Mail speculating that the royal couple might choose the Croatian isle, given that they're looking for a reasonably priced holiday.

The Daily Mail also pointed out that William's predecessor, the controversial Edward VIII, is a previous visitor.

In 1936, the then Prince of Wales hung out on the island with his married lover Wallace Simpson, although this foray didn't make it into the script of recent Hollywood blockbuster The King's Speech.

It would be great if the couple accepted the invitation and visited the island of Rab, said today's Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs.

The impending royal wedding continues to prompt ever wider ripples. Earlier this month, a Chines company release a range of commemorative mugs, but accidentally emblazoned William's younger brother Harry on the design.

Other souvenirs include a special range of Willy condoms and a royal sickbag for those who have had enough.


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