Newspaper Bans Bad News (For A Day)

Croatias leading daily, 24 Sata, rounded off 2010 with a decidedly unorthodox, yet upbeat approach to reporting.

For one day, the paper banned all negative stories, publishing only pieces with an optimistic air.

The move was designed to act as a counter to a run of grim national news, including political corruption and crime.

Instead, a large smiley face beamed out from the front cover of the daily. Inside, readers could learn about the rescue of a dog who had got into dire straits, a barber who regularly trims orphans hair for free, and examples of entrepreneurs who have defied the global crisis.

That said, some sharp eyes noted that not every horoscope promised unbroken happiness, although perhaps such an oversight doesnt count.

Launched in March 2005, 24 Sata boasts a circulation of about 150,000 copies. The countrys first tabloid, it was backed by Austrian company Styria Media Group, which owns publications in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.


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