Bee hive relocates to Zagreb centre

In the last month thousands of bees have swarmed through the city centre of Zagreb. One swarm was thought to have had approximately 25,000 bees in it. Beekeepers were summoned, and concluded that the small creatures, which worldwide have recently been dying out and are directly linked with producing around 35 percent of the planet's food, were merely looking for a new place to inhabit.

The bees in question are grey bees (mellifera carnica) and are particularly harmless to humans. The city apparently provides a safe haven for the bees, as they are far away from pesticides and bee keepers, which cause them a great deal of stress.

Perhaps the people of Zagreb should feel honoured that such a bee has decide to share the city with them, and they should certainly start getting used to their new small fuzzy, buzzy friends.


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