Shoes that didn't fit

An exhibition that critically deals with the Eastern Europe's communist past opened its doors at Zagreb's Museum of Modern Art.

"A Pair of Left Shoes Reality Check in Eastern Europe", as it is called, encompasses a collection of different works by artists from the former Soviet bloc and features photography, video art, painting, installation, and ambience art.

However, according to the curator, Tihomir Milovac, the exhibition is not meant to be a critique of communism per se. Rather, it displays a critical look at the Soviet regimes from a the cultural-historical perspective of the artists' point of view.

The title of the exhibition is derived from Boris Buden's essay, "In the Shoes of Communism," and tries to depict the ambivalent condition under communist rule - the criticism and affirmation of the socialist utopian project.

The exhibition runs until May 30th.


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