When Garlic Ain't so Good for You

Now I know most doctors will tell you that eating garlic is good for you but one 70 year-old Croat who was having a spell in hospital this week may beg to differ.

The garlicky loving geriatric was happily munching away on his favourite snack, mushed onions and garlic, when his roommate, who at 76 really should have known better to pick a fight at his age, asked him to give it up. He claimed it was because the odious odour was making the room smell and his eyes water.

Our man responded with a whack in his roommate's head and the police have now charged him with disturbing the peace and injuring the poor fella. Even nurses at the hospital had gone on official strike, refusing to change the garlic chomper's bedsheets because the smell had become so bad.

The 70 year old has since been released from hospital, presumably to spend the next few weeks chewing over the outcome.


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