Extra! Extra! Cheap Flats On Sale!

The Association of Croatian Public Service Unions, which ownes the "Matica stanogradnja" construction company announced they are going to build 800 cheap flats by the 2011.

After buying over 25.000 square meters of land in Zagreb, which cost the company over 10 million Euros, the Unions plan on starting the constructions. Although the "grand design" will cost about 60 million euros, over 80 per cent of the future flats have prospective owners. Finding investors should be easy, as the Union head, Alen Janicic, has already been contacted by several banks and construction companies.

The flats are going to be the cheapest in Zagreb, Janicic says, the highest price being 1,450 Euros per square metre (last month, the average price of a flat in Zagreb was 1,968 Euros per square metre).


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