Sunday Shopping Banned

If you're planning on visiting Zagreb for a major shopping spree, you may be interested to know that starting January 1 2009, most shops throughout Croatia will be closed on Sundays.

The government of the 90% Roman Catholic country has said the purpose of this ban is to allow citizens to reclaim Sunday as a day for rest, family, and the Church. In a recent British study by the NOP Consumer Poll, it was revealed that 81% of the population had a positive response to keeping Sunday as a day dedicated to family. According to Dr. Michael Schluter, the Director of a UK lobby group Keep Sunday Special, "Sunday has been stolen from people and they want to get it back - above all they want a break."

Shops in Croatia will remain open however during the high seasons of summer and Christmas time. The rest of the year Sunday shoppers will have to settle for shopping in bakeries, newsstands, flower shops, and gas, bus, and train stations.


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