8 Year Game of Hide-And-Seek Over

An eight-year-old missing persons case came to a close this past Wednesday when Ivan Bosanac, of Zagreb, Croatia, was finally located. The elderly Croatian man was 81 when reported missing by his nephew in 1999. Having disappeared from his Zagreb apartment, it was assumed that Bosanac had hit the road or been abducted - there was no sign of breaking and entering or a struggle in his flat; in fact everything was just as it should have been when police searched his dwelling and sealed it back in 1999.

Which brings us to yesterday, when Bosanac's old neighbour entered the attic apartment intending to clean it. Lo and behold, but what should he find? Why it's none other than Ivan Bosanac! He's been lying beside his own bed all these years! Who would have guessed?!

Those missing car keys and old people always turn up in the most obvious places, don't they? Don't forget to check your pockets, people! Hey, maybe Grandpa didn't actually run off with a young Serbian mistress or get whacked by the mob, diced and dumped in the river...maybe he's just in bed (or lying next to it, as the case may be)!

Apparently the last eight years haven't been good to poor Ivan. His skin - droopy eight years ago - seems to have completely fallen off since then and that 'old man' smell seems to have intensified. What was described as 'skin and bones' before is just bones now. Bones in a winter jacket. Under a pile of rubbish. In a Zagreb attic apartment. Right where you left them.


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