Delicatessens in Warsaw

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Reviews about Delicatessens in Warsaw

Went there today and i thought it was good. Not cheap but good coffee and good cakes and stuff.

United States,
Delikatesy A. Blikle

Blikle is one of the most famous names in cakes and baked goods in Poland, and rightly so! Their cakes and pastries are absolutely divine. A little more pricey than other cake shops but it's definitely worth it once in a while.

United Kingdom,
Delikatesy A. Blikle

really a must-see in Warsaw. if you like food even a tiny bit, you have to come here!

Delikatesy A. Blikle

this's a paradise

Delikatesy A. Blikle

Yahoo! on of the best in this kind i n warsaw!

Delikatesy A. Blikle

to die for it ! i can't imagine life in warsaw with out this delikatesen : )

New Zealand,
Delikatesy A. Blikle