Le Madame

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Le Madame
ul. Kozla 12

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Editor's review

The splendidly titled 'Le Madame' is certainly one of Warsaw's more intriguing underground hangouts. You'll find it squirreled away on ul. Freta. Inside, expect eccentric decor and even more eccentric clientele. It's a groovy place for art exhibitions and there'll be plenty of funky tunes emanating from the speakers too. Opening hours are very congenial for this part of town, kicking off at 4 and winding up at 3 in the morning - all the way to the crack of dawn at weekends.

Editor & Warsaw Local


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United Kingdom

I miss this place. Nothing comes close.... a legend

Reply Apr 23rd, 2013

Poland has the best clubs on the word!

and that was one of them

Reply Nov 16th, 2010

Is there any new Le Madame yet? And why is it "le" madame? Shouldn't it be La Madame? ;)

Reply Aug 31st, 2009

If you leave me now, you take away the greatest part of me. Ooooooooeeeeeeeeoooohh, baby please don't go! I heard the owners are opening a new joint soon... Please keep us posted!

Reply Oct 4th, 2006

Hew, anyone there could tell me what happened? Finally is it closed? I really liked this place, it was just amazing, and I had great nights there... hope they managed to stay open... even somewhere else...

LeMa we won't forget you!

Reply Aug 21st, 2006
Mark Bradshaw
United Kingdom

What a shame this place was closed down! Will they try and re-open it elsewhere in Warsaw?

Reply Jul 3rd, 2006

Well, all good things must always come to an end(even relationships). I was present at the closing sessions of lema. It was a great atmosphere. people taking the day off work to make a stand(for what they believe in) and to be united in front of such strong adversity. Last weekend (8/4/06) There was a stand in front of Rarusz(city hall), DVD amongst the speeches played of the last weeks events before the final shut down early on a friday morning. We all will have good memories of Lema. Besides Warsaw needs(every city) a venue with a bit of originality. Otherwise it gets boring very quickly.

Reply Apr 10th, 2006

Malkovich to the rescue!!!! (He's donating mad cash to help with Le Madame's bills.) Will it be enough to keep this funky spot open? Stay tuned!

Reply Apr 10th, 2006
United Kingdom

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're hoping to visit Le Madame you've left it too late! The authorities closed it down, for not paying debts... although conveniently they happened to have it in for this famously liberal hangout!

Reply Apr 10th, 2006
United States

LONG LIVE LE MADAME! FIGHT TILL THE END! the fate of this club rests in the hands of a few who will protect it forever...

Reply Mar 28th, 2006

le madame was the best place in warsaw!! it's closed now because it was to controversial for our conservative administration..

Reply May 22nd, 2007
United States

If memory serves me correctly, this is one of the coolest spots in the world. Mad laid back attitude and funky beats. Met some cool people, drank a lot and eat some grilled cheese samwidges. and then.. Twas a good night.

Reply Dec 22nd, 2005
United Kingdom

After all the hype i was a bit disappointed. Hardly any tranvestites, wackos, naked women or even vaguely alternative people. Still venue was good, and music wasn't bad - quite harsh at times, but it was electro after all. Overall a good night, but fell short of great (heard fridays are better - we went on a saturday)

Reply Nov 28th, 2005

This is the best place I have ever seen in my life : the place of all discussions, of all meetings ... 10 august 2005.

Reply Sep 8th, 2005
United Kingdom

This place must play some of the weirdest music. The other night I was wandering about looking for the toilets and discovered a band playing in one of the miriad of basement rooms. All dressed up in halloween masks they played the funkiest industrial post-punk noise I have ever heard! Do not miss this place if you have any interest in anything countercultural.

Reply Sep 4th, 2005

this club is one of the best I ever been, this club should never closed !

remember 10th August 2005 - Le Madame - Warsaw

Reply Aug 30th, 2005
United States

are they still trying to close this place? i strongly recommend coming by here on your visit to warsaw. if you've ever been to seattle or austin and liked it - you'll dig this place.

Reply Aug 27th, 2005

even though i am the resident dj @ lemadame, i still believe this is a venue which breeds creativity, belonging to a community, lastly anyone and everyone is given an opportunity to express themselves. Honestly, the city do not have any reason to close a place like le madame dow. It is getting personal. The have come up with a reason, a new road through the club. I ask what good is that street and compared to peoples livelyhood?.

Reply May 14th, 2005

Fu*in brilliant. I entered the old greenhouse, looked for a bar and found it. The next moment I had a Mad Dog (Wodka, Sirup, Tobasco) in front of me from my bar-neighbour and immediately fell at home. I had good laugh and went on to the other room, found this beautifull lounge-basement en chilled trough the night on the rithm of the music on a huge couch. THIS PLACE MAY NEVER BE CLOSED DOWN!!!

Reply May 1st, 2005

can't believe they're trying to shut this place down! so many wacky memories. i recommend the downstairs, gothic-y backrooms. spooky stuff. sweet.

Reply Apr 16th, 2005

I recommend Le Madame to all people that would like to find a really relaxing, alternative and amazing place. Local government would like to close it. Please sign the special form to avoid such a bad event.

Reply Apr 7th, 2005

Brill place...cool to be there with friends, amazing atmosphere. Just loved it. It was a great night, glad for all this fantastic time in Poland.

Let Le Madame live 4ever!!!!

Reply Mar 31st, 2005

So i just came home,after this fantastic night in Le Madame. Two friends(Belgium&Polish) said that it was great,and it's the best.The people there are super,super friendly. They are having problems right now,warsaw president wants to close the place.Save the Le Madame!! It's a lovely place.Hope to go back this Sunday...on Monday i'llbe off to Portugal again.Next year i hope this place will still be hope. To Piotrek and Sebastian.

Reply Mar 31st, 2005
United States

AWESOME atmosphere, however i have a warning to all: Watch Out on the winding stairs. They are extra slick, especially if your shoes are still wet from trudging thru snow... speaking from experience, i ate it hardcore on the way down last night but luckily danced off the pain to some good music :)

Reply Mar 6th, 2005

I have the best sleep over there,dont miss!while in Warsaw,very cool.

Reply Jan 29th, 2005
United Kingdom

Had a brilliant dj set at Lemadame, the New Year Eve party was a P-A-R-T-I-E!.

I had a wonderful time even though i missed all the performances upstairs. Costumes galore!. .it was an event to be reckoned with. I should posted my comments but I have been packing, and finally making the move to live in Warszawa . .super!

From the 28/1/05.


Genre: all types

Reply Jan 18th, 2005

I was in many place but Le Madame is the best!!!! ;)

Reply Jan 18th, 2005

It`s most wonderfoul club i ever seen!!!

If you like music like house and you like good partys you will go there.

Reply Dec 23rd, 2004
Ronnie 'Rocket' O'Sullivan
United Kingdom

Happy times, much nakedness and drunken antics had at le madame with my friends Michael and Nickolaus. Girl with petal nipples i think i love you!!! Have Fun!

Reply Dec 18th, 2004

A perfect place to end a long night. Had a wonderful mushroom toast at 5.30AM. The desing of this club an the music is absolutly top! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

Reply Oct 20th, 2004
United Kingdom

I djed a number of times at club(lemadame) it has a very easy, cool atmosphere. Played with maciek, Dj Martinez both wonderful dj and generous. I am now an addic!!. considering the history of the venue its a great transformation. Great discovery!

Reply Oct 7th, 2004
Erriu Massimiliano

i'm the boy who play reggae/hip hop music with my CD at "le madame" in the night 11/08...

i think this is the best place who i have see... thank you for happy moment,for zwyec beer and for cocktail mad dog. good vibes for all...

i want see you in friday and saturday night... one day maybe..

Reply Aug 23rd, 2004
Martin D
United Kingdom

Really amazing place - stuck in the middle of nowhere, but really the coolest place in Warsaw. Full of arty types, but not of the armchair variety - come over all Bohemian and settle in for an outstanding evening.

Reply Jun 29th, 2004

Best place in Warsaw.

Reply May 21st, 2004
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