Dispute Boils, Hill Disappears

The only capital city mountain available for skiers and snowboarders, Liepkalnis, has long been a very poor condition. Its tracks and service quality have been complained on by those who meet for winter entertainment.
At least, winter sports lovers can console themselves knowing that plans to improve the mountain are serious. According to Mantas Paulauskas, director of Sveikas Miestas, with the implementation of current plans, Liepkalnis could be one of the best mountains in the region. The biggest obstacle the city government faces are the former managers of iemos Trasa, who have no intention of voluntarily surrendering the mountain into the citys hands. The current owners protected by the law, and ultimately demand compensation before they will relinquish control of the mountain to the city.
Although the situation remains delicate, a compromise has been made. The city will continue to work with lawyers to take over management of the mountain, until this is possible, the current owners are required to comply with all instructions and recommendations about how to maintain the property.
The mountain is planned to ba available also throughout the summer, with mountain biking track and adjacent sports facilities for tennis, beach volleyball, and soccer, keeping the area alive during the warm months. There are also investment funds available that could be used to install a chairlift. All of these questions raised by the external specialists should begin to be resolved in the spring.


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