Ignalina power plant a museum?

Community representatives of Visaginas, 70km north-east off Vilnius expressed they would like to see the closed Ignalina nuclear power plant turned to an atomic energy museum, with the use of EU funds. They hope thus to attract guests from all over Lithuania and beyond.
The Visaginas nuclear power reactors are shut down and are scheduled for disassembling in 2013, however, as local authorities admit, the buildings of the former plant might be turned for public use for economic reasons. It should be less costly to shut down the power plant, said Visaginas Mayor, Dalia traupaitė.
General Director of the Ignalina NPP ilvinas Jurka is open for proposals. Every idea must be supported, if it will be an attraction to downtown Visaginas, its very good he said. As of now, the nuclear power has been turned off for more than two years, and only a few manage to visit the specially protected reactor hall, to see how the atomic process is managed.
The idea itself is not new: in Austria and Germany nuclear power plants had been made into museums and amusement parks, and hotels and restaurants, which are a favored destination among local community. German Kalkar nuclear power plant was transformed into a museum and is visited each year by over 600 thousand visitors.
It is very important what the local community wants or is seeking. If the people of Visaginas want a museum, its an interesting idea confirms Masaharu Hanyu a Vice President of Hitachi, a leader of the companies intending to invest in a new nuclear power plant.


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