Courage triumphs at Vilnius Film Festival

Polish director Grzegorz Zglinski triumphed at the 17th Vilnius Film Festival in late March, in what was one of the most buzzing years for the event to date.

Courage (Zmyk) tells the tale of two brothers, Alfred and Jerzy, who are at odds with which way to develop their internet business.

When Jerzy gets severely beaten up and lands in a coma, Alfred has to deal with the fall-out, knowing that he himself hadn't stepped in to aid his sibling.

A memorable performance by actor of the moment Robert Wieckiewicz, who took the lead in the Oscar-nominated In Darkness, and is now playing Lech Walesa in Andrzej Wajda's biopic of the Solidarity hero, proved a winning factor.

Meanwhile, Rokas Eltermanas won the prize for Best Lithuanian Film for The Last Day of the Honeymoon, about the bizarre adventures of a newly married couple.

Eltermanas graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy in 2011, where he made the promising short film Ive Got Clinical Depression and I Hoover the Grass.


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