Vilnius mayor suggests buying Greek island

The mayor of Vilnius has proposed buying an island from debt-stricken Greece, in an attempt to both help bail out the Mediterranean country and create an oasis for Lithuania in the sun.

Arturas Zuokas hopes that big-hitting local businessmen will help invest in the project.

After the island's registration by the Lithuanian government, it wouldn't just be an exclusive place for rest in the Mediterranean for our citizens, but also a great global advert for Lithuania," he expressed in a statement.

The mayor mused that besides hotels, spas, restaurants and a tourist office, the island could host museums and a theatre, as well as the residence of the Lithuanian ambassador to Greece.

Zuokas has stated that just seven million euros are needed to acquire the rights to an island.

Nevertheless, the mayor's local critics have lambasted the idea, saying that he should focus his attention on Vilnius itself, which has its own financial problems.


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