Lithuanian cracks ice cream record

A 21-year-old Lithuanian man has munched his way into the Guinness hall of fame by breaking the world record for speed-eating ice cream.

Mindaugus Puodzhyus managed to scoff 350g of ice cream in just twenty-nine seconds.

I love ice cream, so I can eat many kilograms, he told the Baltic Times.

I am very happy I managed to beat the world record, he added.

Mindaugus snatched the record of a U.S. citizen who had held the title since 2006.

Beyond the ice cream zone, Lithuania also hosts the world record for most consecutive international victories in Rugby.

The Lithuanian team stole the record from New Zealand and South Africa, when in April 2010, the national side scored its 18th consecutive victory, beating 77-5 in a decisive victory.

Of course, at a risk of spoiling the fun, it should be admitted that the Lithuanians did not play the top teams in the world, as rugby is a relatively new sport on the Baltic, and the team has yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. Still, an impressive run, nonetheless.


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