Lithuania Launches National Perfume

The Lithuanian foreign ministry has a new trick up its sleeve.... and it smells.

Lithuania, as the new scent is called, has already been dispatched to dozens of embassies. The idea was to create a product that captured the spirit of the land and its people. It will soon be hitting shops across the capital.

We wanted to create something special, representing Lithuania and the Lithuanian character, said Mindaugas Stongvilas, one of the brains behind the project, in an interview with local daily Vilniaus Diena.

The intriguing concoction comes with dashes of sandalwood, cedar and musk, all of which are supposed to capture fundamental truths about the nation.

Mr Stongvilas expands that his team has also added the smell of wood fires that can be associated with pagan rituals, as well as moss and wildflowers.

Vilnius Life has yet to get its hands on a bottle, but watch this space as we're sure to sniff one sooner or later...


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