Lithuanian Breaks Guinness Record With Mighty Beard

A Lithuanian man has broken the world record in the curious sport of beard-lifting. Antanas Kontrimas managed to hoist an obliging Chinese lady who weighs some 63.4 kg.

Mr Kontrimas beat his own record, adding an extra 200 grams to his previously set best in 2007.

This Decembers event was recorded in a TV studio, although Mr Kontrimas told journalists that unofficially he had hoisted even heavier women.

Meanwhile, December saw a string of wacky records around the world. Amongst the astounding feats was the largest ever pass the parcel, in which Brits unpacked a prezzie weighing in at 440.9lbs, which travelled 1125.5 miles across Britain. Likewise, over the pond in Florida, a new record was set for the worlds biggest guitar smash, with some 1914 punters taking part in smashing instruments to smithereens.

Guinness World Records currently invites all wannabe record-breakers to step up and send in their ideas for 2011.


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