Blonde Resort Raises Eyebrows

A Lithuanian travel company that plans to open an island resort staffed exclusively by blondes has sparked a predictable reaction amongst feminists and arbiters of modern taste.

Olialia Group hopes to open the resort in the dreamy Maldive Islands, with plans to launch by 2015.

"Blondes are a great power that should not be underestimated," the Olialia group's Giedre Pukiene remarked to the Maldives Traveller. "We are smart, beautiful, reckless and purposeful."

However, whilst the Baltics may be brimming with blonde bombshells, fair hair is decidedly atypical amongst the inhabitants of the Maldives. And given that the islands' law states that companies must employ 50 percent local staff, the Lithuanian company could struggle to implement its all blonde policy.

At present, 800 of the 1000 or so Maldive islands remain unpopulated, but investors are eying the fashionable region with ardent interest.


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