For Zappa fans, it's Vilnius and bust

Well, Frank Zappa's been in Vilnius since 1996. His statue, not his ghost.

Hes attracted tourists from all over the world but now Frank will embark on his own journey. The city is preparing to ship a copy of Zappas bust to Baltimore, Maryland, his hometown on 17 June.

According to the Baltic Reports, the President of Zappas fan club, Saulius Paukstys, visited Baltimore in 2008 and proposed the ideal to the city council. Long story short, they got excited about Zappas homecoming. It will take him a month to sail the Atlantic, which isnt too bad for a guy weighing a ton, and the opening of the bust will take place in Baltimore on 18 September. Upon safe arrival, Baltimore will become the third city to have a statue of Zappa, the small town of Bad Doberan in eastern Germany has had one since 2002.

Bon voyage, Frank!


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