Almost the Winners

As many observers were swift to point out, naming a Eurovision song entry 'We Are The Winners' seemed to be rather tempting fate. What's more, initial exposure of the sharp-suited Lithuanian boy band LT United did not appear to arbour well. American pundit Fred Bronson noted during the semi-final that the Lithuanian entry was ''considered by many to be one of the worst Eurovision entries of all time....''

But humbug to the critics! Lithuania leapt into the hallowed group of 24 lucky finalists, and on the big night last Saturday, the Baltic belter came in a highly respectable 6th. Hurrah!

Biggest surprise of all though was that the competition was won by a jolly death metal band from Finland, who's devilish riffs and monstrous masks were a far cry from the saccharine stuff that's usually dished up. Finnish band Lordi, self confessed 'meat-eaters in a vegetarian cafe', declared their win as 'a victory for open-mindedness.' Vilnius Life heartily agrees, and we hope that there are more monsters next year. As the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life.


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