New Labor Exchange in Vilnius

All of the Vilnius residents who have lost their jobs can sleep tight - there is hope! A new labor exchange was opened in Vilnius Bernardinai church, where both the unemployed and businessmen who are looking for employees can meet and exchange information. During a mass last Sunday the priests encouraged people to fill in forms.

The good part is - not only the unemployed fill the forms in. Two job ads were submitted at the very first Mass already. The parishioners can put their ads in the parish newspaper as well as use the internet to do it.

"I know that there are a lot of businessmen, high ranking officials in our parish. So we have decided to print out these forms" said Arunas Peskaitis, priest of Bernardinai church. He is positive that the labor exchange will solve many problems because it allows the employers to meet with those in a desperate need of a job. Peskaitis states that it is a duty of every Christian to help a neighbour in need.


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