2009 Cultural Calendar

Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, is the first Baltic city to be honored with the Cultural Capital title. "Vilnius is the most important city for Lithuanians. I believe that next year, when Lithuania will celebrate the millennium anniversary of its name in written form and five years of membership of the European Union, Vilnius [] will become an important city for the whole of Europe," said Lithuanian Ambassador to the EU Rytis Martikonis.

It is officially said that around three million people will take part in over 900 events in 2009, which will include several exhibitions by Lithuanian and international artists. According to Euractiv.com, we can all expect stunning events such as lights festival, an 'Art in Unexpected Places' initiative, concerts by the London Symphony Orchestra directed by a Russian conductor Valery Gergiev, an opera festival, a few exhibitions by a Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani and many, many other events.

Hosting the "cultural year" will cost the organizers about 85m.


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