Euro Challenger On His Way To Vilnius

If you've been backpacking around Europe then you'll no doubt have met a few crazy travellers along your way. The travelling community is well known for its association with footwear-espousing hippies, who hitchhike around the continent with a banjo and not much else... Well even these wayfaring gypsies would seem like hardened capitalists next to Kris Mole, our erstwhile Ljubljana Life correspondent, who has taken it upon himself to visit every capital city in Europe without a single cent to his name. Not only that but right as lady winter draws a frosty veil over the land... This is not the time to be bivouacing in a field on the Eastern frontiers!

So what on earth has possessed a 24 year old from Southwick, UK, to set off on such a mission impossible, dubbed the The Great Euro Freebie Challenge. The desire to make a difference and, in the words of Mark Corrigan from Peep Show, to "give a nasty disease a kick in the balls." In plain English Mr. Mole esquire is undergoing the ardours of this incredible journey to raise money for Cancer Research.

And for those who think a jaunt around Europe for no money sounds 'rather jolly', you can catch up with Kris's blog where he details his various misfortunes and discomforts with the sort of sense of humour he will need if he is to succeed in his goal.

Thanks to a bit of luck and lot of help and determination, Kris has already crossed Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw off his essential stop-offs, and now he's on his way to Vilnius. Let's home the famous Lithuanian hospitality doesn't let our brave adventurer down... If you can offer Kris a bed, meal or a beer, or if you are hotel, restaurant or bar owner who wants to help (and get a bit of free publicity - Kris's story has already been picked up by the BBC) then do contact him. He'll be delighted to hear from you.

Meanwhile if you can spare a few Euros towards Kris's noble cause then visit his Just Giving page. Vilnius Life's parent company Lifeboat Ltd. has forked up 250 of Her Majesty's finest pounds sterling to help Kris reach his fund-raising target. Together we can do much more!


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